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What? No More Large Item Trash Days? ... and What Is Curbside Pick Up?

Date posted: 7/18/2018

That's correct - there will be no more monthly community clean up/large item trash collection days at Jumano Park! 

Instead, residents can call Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) for curbside pick up of bulky waste up to six times per year at no additional charge. To take advantage of this service, call TDS at 512-421-1340. When you call to schedule a pick up, you will be given a date (the first available Saturday) for pick up of your bulky waste at the curb right in front of your home! Residents should not place items at the curb prior to the morning of the scheduled pick up date

Household waste items that were accepted at the previous Large Item Trash Days at Jumano Park will be picked up at your curb. Exclusions also remain the same: no construction debris, no hazardous materials, no appliances containing Freon, etc.  If you are unsure about specific items that you need to dispose of, please call TDS at 512-421-1340

If TDS will not accept your waste, there are other options available to you. The Williamson County Recycle Center accepts household waste, including these hazardous chemicals, many of which are reused or recycled through their Reuse Program.

Why are these changes taking place? The MUD Board of Directors negotiated a new contract with Texas Disposal Systems (TDS), based in part on the results of a resident survey and other feedback. The new contract, which took effect on June 1, incorporates many of the most commonly expressed resident preferences for solid waste and recycling services.

In addition to curbside pick up of bulky items, under the terms of the new contract, recycling is collected weekly. Please remember to place your recycling cart out for pick up every week with your trash. Refer to the Collection Schedule to view holiday service changes and regular collection dates. 

Have questions about what can/cannot be recycled? Visit the MUD website at and click the “Contact” tab. Select “Service Providers and Other Links” or click here for a direct link to the Recycling Guidelines.

Current services, which include pickup of your roll out cart with up to four extra trash bags, yard waste bags, or bundles of tree, shrub and brush trimmings, will remain in effect under the terms of the new contract. Please study the included image to be sure your bundles meet the guidelines for pickup.



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