Zumba! Zumba!

Date posted: 1/21/2019

Zumba, Zumba!! Eight classes for only $10/$15! Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 p.m., at the Tumlinson Park Pavilion starting February 5. The last class will be February 28th. Sign up for the first day only, but your sign-up gets you all 8 sessions! Zumba classes are open to Block House Creek residents only—$10 for HOA members, $15 for non-HOA members. Sign up via Eventbrite—2019 BHC Zumba.

Nichole Campbell is a licensed Zumba instructor who is enthusiastic about Zumba. She says "I love Zumba because all ages, sizes and fitness levels can participate, no one is left out. After my first Zumba class in 2016, fitness was changed for me forever. I wanted to bring that to others so I became an instructor in 2018, and I’ve been teaching ever since.” You don’t even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow her lead. It’s easy! Come try it, she guarantees you will have a blast!

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