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Do You Have Information on the Pergola Vandalism in Tumlinson Park?

Date posted: 3/7/2019

Block House Municipal Utility District is seeking information about the person or persons responsible for vandalizing the Colonel Joseph I. Sonnenreich Memorial Pergola in Tumlinson Park. The vandalism may have occurred on or before Monday, March 4, and caused expensive damages to YOUR park.

Damage to District property is a crime. The District will pay $500 to anyone providing information that leads to the apprehension and conviction of persons causing damage to District property.  Persons causing damage to District property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Anyone with information should contact the Williamson County Sheriff's Department at 512-943-1300, referencing case #2019-03-00190. You may also report to the District's General Manager at 512-259-0959 or (copy The identity of those providing information will remain confidential. Please help send the message that the Block House Creek community will not tolerate criminal behavior.



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