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2019 Pool Tag Protocol

Date posted: 5/17/2019

Perhaps you've seen the signs at the pools or heard a rumor from your neighbor. It's true: residents who wish to use the pools this summer will need to register online at and receive new pool tags.

Please read this message in its entirety and share the information with others in the neighborhood who may not have received it.

The RecDesk site will allow residents to securely input all of the information formerly required on the paper forms that had to be filled out each year. This will provide several benefits, including ease of updates in future years, quick access to emergency contact information, more safeguards against non-residents using our amenities, and better information sharing between the two pools and the MUD office. The new tags will also have a barcode, which will be compatible with scanners at the pool to allow faster entry. 

To register online, gather photos or screenshots (jpg only, no pdfs) of your current MUD water bill and your photo ID, and visit Click on "Create Account." Enter all information, then click "Next."

Enter all requested information and click "Submit." It is very important that you type and spell everything correctly or the system will identify you as a non-resident and won’t allow you to enroll. 

Click on "Memberships" then select "2019 Pool Tag." Click "Enroll now."

Under "Fee Type" select "Pool Tag." (There is no fee) 

Check all household members and press "Save."

Click "Go to Checkout." 

Click "I Accept Waiver."

Click "Complete Form" and fill out the Exhibit K (this is the same form used in previous years). You must upload a jpg image of your water bill and a photo ID. This will help ensure that only current Block House residents and their invited guests (up to five per household are allowed at any time) are accessing our amenities. Press "Submit Form." 

Click "I Have Completed All Forms."

Click "Continue." 

You will then be ready to receive your new tags. IMPORTANT NOTE: We are experiencing a delay with the production and shipment of our new tags. If you have set up your RecDesk account (including uploading the required documents), the lifeguards will immediately be able to look you up and you will be admitted. Once the new tags arrive, you may pick them up at Tumlinson Pool. Watch for signs at the pools, on the electronic sign by the Walker House, on the MUD Facebook page and website, and via email blast when the new tags arrive.

The RecDesk application is strong-password protected and is accessible only via secure (https) connection. No financial information is collected, and all uploaded documents are encrypted.

Please set up an account for your household at as soon as possible to continue enjoying Tumlinson and Apache Pools this summer and receive new pool tags when they are available.

If you require assistance or are unable to access the website, the Tumlinson Pool Manager or MUD office staff will be happy to help you. Be sure to bring your water bill and photo ID the first time you come, if you have not already uploaded them.

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